Jon Brandt has been volunteering as an English teacher in Ecuador since September. Here’s a tribute to the things he’s experienced thus far.

Months in Ecuador: 9

Guinea Pigs eaten: 2

Times when cat calls were directed at me by large groups of high school girls: 4

Extremely awkward ‘kiss on the cheek’ screw ups: 8

Most consecutive days without speaking English: 4

Hours spent traveling on buses: 168

Nighttime bus hijackings: 1

Cities and towns visited: 22

Other countries visited: 2

Consecutive days seeing someone pee in the street: 270

Video by Jon Brandt

Soccer games attended: 3

Cock fights attended: 0

Cases of Malaria, Dengue Fever, Dysentery, or Swine Flu: 0

Average seasons per day: 4

Times summer was declared, only to be renounced the following day: 6

Major elections for a new constitution and president: 2

Number of meals served with rice: 230

Students taught: 126

Students who actually learned something: 8

Bootleg DVDs bought: 55

Bed bug scares: 3

Beer choices in Ecuador: 3-4, tops

Baltazar Ushca

Altitude-related beer explosions: 9

Times Facebook friended by random Ecuadorians I’ve never met: 7

In depth conversations about bowel movements: Any time 2 or more volunteers meet

Brutal sunburns: 2

Extra notches cut into my belt due to weight loss: 2

Hours of work per day: 4

Average games of Solitaire played per day: 25

Community Connection

Read Jon’s harrowing first person account of a midnight bus heist in Ecuador! Or, on the lighter side, learn how you can volunteer in Ecuador through the Experimental Learning Ecuadorian Programs.

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