Photo: The Giant Vermin Feature Photo: Lourdes Nightingale

No matter how experienced, prepared, and culturally sensitive a traveler you are, misunderstandings are inevitable–and often hilarious, even sometimes illuminating.

This week, pull out your notebook or laptop and start writing about misunderstandings you’ve had on the road–the funny, the sad, and the awkward: everything from a grossly misinterpreted street sign, to a mangled Portuguese phrase that had the entire dinner table staring at you in shock.

As always, bring us into the moment with you. We’re more interested in strong characters and original details than in philosophizing or “telling”–but feel free to follow that moving pen wherever it wants to take you.

When you’ve got something you like, send 250 words (or less) in the body of an email, along with your full name (or favorite alias) and your Matador community page url, with MISUNDERSTANDINGS in the subject line, to We’ll publish our favorite bits and pieces next Monday.

Thanks for continuing to share your stories!

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