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It’s Monday again–time for you to start writing, time for us to start anticipating a new batch of your travel stories. Get your pens out, and…go!

This week we want to hear about moments of travel terror: a close shave with a rampaging bull? Realizing at 3 a.m. in a strange city that you’ve lost your wallet, your room key, and your passport? Getting picked up by heavily-armed police officers for an offense you don’t understand?

Whatever it was, make us sweat (shiver, shake, whimper…) through the experience along with you. Send 250 words (or less) worth of whatever you come up with to, along with your full name (or preferred psuedonymn) and your Matador community url, with “TRAVEL TERROR” in the subject line.

We’ll publish some of our favorite paragraphs, sentences, and turns of phrase next Monday. We look forward to reading your words!

Community Connection

Matador member Sarah Shourd is in the middle of a very real moment of travel terror right now. Read the breaking news on her situation at Matador Pulse.

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