“On the travel writing front: I love great narrative travel writing, and I just don’t see a lot of it in the travel blogosphere. Do you?” -Comment made by Jim Benning on Worldhum

I READ this comment last night and wondered (and am still wondering) about various things.

Who gets to be the ‘authority’ on what is considered ‘great’?

Is Trisha Miller right? Isn’t it the reader who gets ‘final say’?

What is the “travel blogosphere” exactly?

And where/how does Matador fit into that?

Why does writing, including “great narrative travel writing” seem so far behind music and art in terms of variety of form and style?

Does it have to do with the way we’re taught to ‘compose’ in school?

Is there another way we haven’t thought of already to help students at MatadorU realize new forms?

How do I define ‘great narrative travel writing’?

And if I were truly able to answer that completely, would it mean I was finished as a writer?

Community Connection

What do you think is “great narrative travel writing”? Where do you find it on the “travel blogosphere”? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.