Mossel Bay, South Africa

Ever since I was a child, I've carried with me a fascination for sharks, sparked with bedtime stories from my father. One image burned into my mind forever was that of a man cage diving with the Great White, a life goal I was later able to complete with my two brothers while on an Around the World trip.

For this shot, I wanted to capture man tempting beast. The crewmember ladled out this vile mixture of blood and guts, drawing the sharks closer with each splash into the cold water.

Shortly after, I was below the surface and an arm's length away, separated by thin metal bars with my heart pounding beneath my wetsuit. As dark shadows turn to flesh and cold eyes dart back and forth, powerful tail strokes and jagged teeth remind you that you're at the bottom of the food chain. You know it and they know it.

Date: May 6, 2010 / Location: Mossel Bay, South Africa / Equipment: Nikon D80, Nikkor 18-200mm

- A Southern man bitten by the travel bug early on, Brayden Pitcairn brings us this postcard from South Africa. Brayden was raised in Charleston, South Carolina, educated through his travels, and is motivated by his pursuit for new experiences and destinations. He continues to venture forth and seek out all the world has to offer. To follow a few of his journeys, visit travelpod.com/members/outbound5.

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