Inspired by this Monday’s Get Your Pen Moving : Travel Terror, I revisit a few of my scariest travel moments.


If you are anything like me, you have more than a few tales of travel terror.

Like the time I was cruising down the beach front ribbon of road in Mui Ne, Vietnam.

My mother Cory sits between my wife Bridget and I on the rented scooter as we are try to decide which bar we want to munch calamari in.

Then it hits me.

Well, actually it hits Bridget.
A twenty person mini bus slams into the back of us like a battering ram.
The three of us throw out legs out to steady the wobbling scooter that threatens to go down, putting us under the wheels of the bus.

Too often I have thought to myself in some near brush with travel cataclysm~

“Just what the hell am I doing out here!”

I had a great time chopping up this footage of Bridget and I in Long Hai, Vietnam when the entire town gets word a tsunami is heading straight for them!

How to Run from a Tsunami! from confluence creative media on Vimeo.

One minute we are blogging, the next we are running for our lives!

As soon as Bridget and I made the mile long sprint back to our guest house I set up the tripod. I knew whether a tsunami leveled the town or not I might get some cool footage.

Shooting video while terrified is a good thing to do. Assuming you survive the encounter (good luck!) you will be happy you had the presence of mind to capture the madness.

Scared? Unsure? Panicked?! First things first…grab your camera!

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