Iquitos, Peru

While my husband was brokering a deal on a boat down the Amazon River, I stood in the heat and sticky humidity of Iquitos, "panning" the fury of tuk tuks flying past me. The streets were teeming with them. Families with their groceries stacked high headed home, tourist taxis and local workers ending the day all buzzing up and down the streets. Some passengers waved or threw up peace signs as they went past, and I followed them with my camera. Iquitos was a city of motion, very much alive, like the Amazon rainforest we were about to enter.

[18mm, ISO 100, f 7.1, 1/15]

This postcard comes to us from Maryanne Wirkkanen, who currently lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. A love of travel, adventure, and photography takes her around the world with her husband. You can find some of her photography on her tumblr: M.Word