These 5 pages come straight from the travel journal of Gabe Gabagbag.

drawing of Eiffel Tower, and young man eating ice cream cone

1."It's Saturday and we just got to Paris via high speed TGV train. We pull up to our hotel, the Royal Voltaire, and my first impression is 'man, this place is pretty ghetto.'"


Sketches of a young woman in police uniform

2."Innsbruck: What I remember most was the police officer in the street, the most beautiful I've ever seen in my life."


sketch of the Louvre in Paris and a hand opening a bottle of wine

3. "When in France do like the French do: pop open some wine and take it all in. . ."


sketch of a double decker bus in London and a young man from Morocco

4."Morocoo: This place is definitely a humbling experience. Makes me feel so lucky about how we live in Hawaii."


Mother and child looking over the cliff, Norway

5."Honolulu > Los Angeles > Washington > Amsterdam. That's 8 + 4 + 7 for a total of 19 hours and I'm running on a small bag of pretzels and a strawberry banana yogurt complements of United Airlines. As I watch the in-flight movie, Jumper, I realize the whole process would be so much easier if I just teleported."

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