Selections from the journals of Andrew Vernor.

Editors Note: I’ve known Andy Vernor aka ‘Vern’ since the early days of going to school in Athens, Georgia. Like all good Athens kids we were into music–I was exploring primitive recording / sampling techniques for making beats; he was playing ‘nitro-rock’ in a kickass band called Land Speeder. Seeing them open up for Suicidal Tendencies is still one of my all time show highlights.

Over the years I’ve always been a bit jealous of Vern’s journals. On one page he’ll have random thoughts or song lyrics. The next will be some crazy sketch for a superhero or a tattoo idea or a diagram of some new structure he wants to build.

I’ve been messing around with new blogging technologies lately, checking out posterous, tumblr, and others, and while it’s all really cool and enables you to share links and media really fast, there’s just something about real journals like these that seems so creative and free.

–David Miller


1.'Alt easter island head and gladiator... fun with lines and geometric shapes'


2.'Protuberance Man- a quasi-hero who exudes energized protuberances when drawn into conflict; he contributes positively despite his conflicted existence which straddles his pizza flinging reality and the realm of the imagined. Also some song lyrics (later used)'


3.''Autumn leaves in Wisconsin and tatt #3 early design.'


4.Brick= 'cover songs that would be cool; lyrics ripped from R. Kipling poem used in Land Speeder song + random line sketch.'


5.'Outdoor ed brainstorm and sketch of wife with care package label... early love.'


6.'Dog Soldier Society was a proposed name for a prog metal band that never really got off the ground. if you like it you can have it, but please rock righteously. Also fun with collage.'


7.''Song lyrics, plans for upright bass stand, idea for yard statue using discarded televisions + quotes from...Fight Club and other(?)'


8.Self control: mantra and tattoo design--inner right bicep (but red did not make final design).


9.'Building the eye;' mantra and self portrait as graphic.