Award-winning documentary photographer and longtime Matador contributor Ryan Libre talks at TEDxDoiSuthep in Thailand about his work with the Kachin army and what it truly means to be an ‘amateur.’

GIVING A VOICE TO a nation of people that its oppressive government would rather you didn’t know about, that’s something most journalists dream of doing. It’s exactly what Ryan Libre has done in his recent work with the Kachin Indepedence Army, the defense department of an oppressed nation of more than 1 million in northern Burma.

During his interview at the TED conference in Doi Suthep, you’ll see plenty of images (and videos) of his work, but also hear from him about why he considers himself an ‘amateur’ despite receiving Pulitzer grants and winning the 2010 Nikon Inspiration Award–and why that’s BETTER than being a ‘professional.’