Matador’s new destination pages offer an opportunity for readers to contribute to country, city, and region descriptions, and receive credit / links to their websites.

AS PART OF the new Matador Network, we’re creating a massive wiki of destination based content. Rather than attempt to write descriptions for countries or cities with which we have limited or no experience, we decided this would be a perfect opportunity to involve our readership and extended community help create the most accurate, traveler-generated resource for trip planning ever developed.

As you browse your favorite destinations, if you see a place that either (a) doesn’t yet have a description, or (b) has a description which could use improvement, please use the corresponding entry field (for example, see Antarctica) or send an email to

Please note that what we’re looking for is ultra-concise and precise wording based on one’s ground level experience of place. Cliches, marketing-language, and generalizations about culture or people will not be published.

All work selected will include attribution and a link back to the author’s site. Thanks for helping us create this new resource for travelers worldwide.

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