Some pretty dope travel videos have been shared with our YouTube group. Sharing to the group is simple and it lets the rest of us experience and enjoy your travels.

Dust off those travel videos and share them to our YouTube group.

Firstly, grab a YouTube channel if you don’t already have one, it’s free and is like setting up an account on any other social networking site. Think of a snappy name, upload some videos and subscribe to Matador…now you are ready to join our group!

In this video I cruise around our channel on YouTube, show you where our group is and watch a few of the 80+ travel videos that have been shared so far.

NOTE: I took this screen capture with an application called Jing, and the result of screencapping video is a bit jumpy. The videos on YouTube are as smooth as butter on a babies big toe.

Well, whatcha waiting for? Show us what you got and look for more travel videos from Matador.

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