A new interview series shares inside advice from National Geographic Traveler’s editorial staff: Keith Bellows, Amy Alipio, Norie Quintos, Marilyn Terrell, Kathie Gartrell, and Dan Westergren.

“WHEN YOU FIRST SEE National Geographic Society headquarters in DC, there’s a feeling you get. It’s like any major landmark, say the Sydney Opera House or the Eiffel Tower: there’s this immediate feeling that ‘this is the place; this is where it goes down.’ It’s a kind of awe,” says filmmaker and Matador Network architect Ian Mackenzie. “You walk in over the gold seal, and there’s this connection, a sense of lineage, 123 years of history.”

Ian traveled to NGS headquarters in February to interview the editors of National Geographic Traveler. The interviews are now produced as a series available at Matador’s new media school, MatadorU. Topics covered in the series include:

  • how to craft a story
  • how to pitch Traveler
  • the essence of storytelling
  • the future of travel writing
  • secrets to great travel photography
  • how to understand light
  • how to get discovered on Flickr

In spite of the imposing nature of NGS, something Ian believes can make pitching them seem “hugely intimidated to writers,” once he met the editorial staff at Traveler, he was surprised at how “normal” everyone was, generous in sharing what they’re looking for as editors and how they work.

Please visit MatadorU to learn more about the interview series, and get this exclusive look behind the scenes at National Geographic Traveler.