MATTER, a forthcoming journalism site dedicated to longform investigative reporting on science and technology, raised more than $100k on Kickstarter in nine days.

YEAH, THE WEB HAS ACCULTURATED US to dumbed-down blog posts, memes, soundbites, and confessional media.

But it’s not like the audience for investigative journalism and narrative nonfiction has disappeared. We’re right here. It’s just that the economic models to fund real journalism have been displaced and publishers are still trying to figure out the next move.

MATTER makes me optimistic. They raised more than $100,000 in nine days based simply on the promise of a site and the first three stories commissioned: “gripping exposes of online crime, untold tales of environmental threats, inside stories about revolutionary technologies and exclusive reports from the most controversial research labs.”

Bigups to co-founders Jim Giles and Bobby Johnson. We’ll be reading.

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