ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS a good photographer can do is make you feel like you’re actually there. It’s way harder than it looks: technically, all shots are taken from the first person, but not all shots feel like they are pulling you into the scene. It requires a trick of perspective and a really fantastic subject to pull it off. Here are some of the best photos we could find with a “you are here” perspective.

1. Getting tubed

This baller photo was taken by a surfer with a GoPro Hero 3. Photo by Anthony Walsh

 2. Hanging

This photo was taken by “Professional adventurer” and urban free climber James Kingston while dangling from a crane. Photo via James Kingston.

3. Portaledge jamming
Matador Ambassador Ben Bitto  and crew jamming in the portaledge on a big wall in South Africa.

Matador Ambassador Ben Ditto and crew jamming in the portaledge on a big wall in South Africa.

4. Ski Lift riding

Skiers in Whistler take the lift up to the top of the mountain. Photo by sama093

5. Palm tree climbing
palm tree gopro

A beach bum takes a selfie on a palm tree in New Guinea’s Raja Ampat islands. Photo via

 6. Skydiving
Photo:  U.S. Army Europe Images

A paratrooper snaps a GoPro pic during a skydiving drill. Photo: U.S. Army Europe Images

 7. Tomato fighting

The Valencian town of Buñol has become famous for La Tomatina, a festival that is based around a gigantic tomato fight. Photo via

8. Lineup watching

Surfers hang out in the waves as the sun sets in Costa Rica. Photo: Roman Königshofer

9. Lantern stoking

Revellers watch as sky lanterns are released into the night air during the Yi Peng Sky Lantern Festival in San Sai, Thailand. Photo via

10. Color throwing

Holi, the festival of colors in India, is best known for the throwing of colored powders. Photo via.