WE’RE IN THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE MAP, thanks to the fact that the internet has made them both easy to make and easy to find data for. So once a month, we do a round-up of some of the coolest maps out on the internet to give you a glimpse into the world around you works. Maps below aside, we also found this excellent CityLab article of how to become map literate. Part of the curse of having a world where map-making is easy is that many maps are actually shoddy, and thus the data can’t be trusted.

CityLab’s advice will be familiar to those who have spent plenty of time around maps, but they are still important points to drive home nonetheless. Always, they say, “check the source,” “be wary of the title,” “why did the mapmaker choose to display it in this.” For an example for that last bit of advice, always look twice at a map that switches suddenly between cool colors to hot colors. Red is almost always considered bad in map world, but is the red area that hugely different from the much less threatening blue area? Give CityLab’s piece a read, and with their tips in mind, check out this month’s coolest maps.


The name of the European country in the local language

For those who want to be good guests. Via Reddit


Countries that fought on the same side as the U.S. in at least one war

The differing shades of blue don't mean anything, they simply distinguish the separate countries. Via Reddit


Countries the U.S. has fought against in at least one war

Via Reddit


Countries Russia has fought in at least one war in their history

Via Reddit


Natural resource worth

White = no data. Via Reddit


Average rainfall for the United States

We always think of the Pacific Northwest as rainy, but never as much for the south. Via Reddit


The world online

Larger version available here. Via Reddit


The most popular American fast food in each European country

One area in which Kazakhstan is ahead of all European countries: they love KFC. Via Reddit


The most popular summer destinations by state

America LOVES Las Vegas. Via Kayak


Where the Legal Permanent Residents of the US come from

By state. This is a more specific qualification than immigrants as a whole. Via Reddit


Where the risks of water conflict are

Larger version available here. Via Reddit


What are the drunkest states in the union?

That's right: the home of bourbon comes in last. Via the Daily Mail


Who trusts Obama?

Via Pew Research


What other world leaders President Obama has called in 2015

It's clear who's most on his mind. Via Reddit


The most and least visited countries by UK adults

Brits make an effort to go to the US. Via Reddit


Which side of the road do people drive on?

The handedness of traffic in each country. Via Wikipedia


Where prostitution is legal

A breakdown of the world's prostitution laws. Via Reddit


Only 5% of the world's population lives in the blue areas.

Another 5% lives in the red shaded area. Via Reddit


Where the college grads are

By county. Via Reddit


The percentage of the population in poverty

Many of the red spots in the U.S. are Native American reservations. Via Reddit


Same-sex marriage around the world

Larger version available here. Via Reddit.


Where are the organ donors?

Via Reddit


The most recurrent words on Wikipedia

This excludes the words "country," "government," linking words, and demonyms. Via Reddit.


The largest ancestral group by county in the US

Via Reddit


How old is your flag?

This is according to when the most recent change to the flag was -- so for the United States, it would be when the star was added for Hawaii in 1959. Via Reddit


The highest point in each country

Via Wikimedia


Where is English an official language?

Via Reddit


Cannabis laws in the U.S. by state

A hopefully-ever-changing-map. Via Reddit


The number of the top 200 largest cities in each country

With the locations of the cities as well. Via Reddit


Where they use decimal points and where they use decimal commas

And where they use neither. Via Reddit


World fertility rates from 1970 to 2014

A great visualization of the incredible slowing of fertility rates in most of the world. Via Reddit


The preferred 2016 Republican nominee by state

More info on the "other" states here. Via Reddit


Women in jail in the U.S.

Incarceration rate per 1000 females in each state. Via Reddit


Gay rights in Africa

Of all the continents, Africa is the toughest on gay rights. Via


Worldwide debt as a percentage of GDP

The US is right up there with Greece, but that's slightly misleading, as the fundamentals of the US economy are much stronger. Via Reddit


The abortion laws of Europe

Socio-economic abortion means it's allowed if the mother can't afford to raise a child. Via Reddit


The world's biomes

Biomes are communities of plants and animals that form in response to the surrounding environment. Via Reddit


Countries that are the most openly racist

Where the racism is. Via Reddit


Where the high school grads are

No data from Pennsylvania or Oklahoma. Via Reddit


Which Latin American countries think the Catholic Church should allow divorce

By percentage. Via Reddit


Countries that have one of the UN's six official languages as their official (or de facto) language

The UN's choice of languages covers a lot of the earth. Via Reddit


Percentage of people who like a state vs. percentage that dislike it

New Jersey: eternally maligned. Via Reddit


Where men are the hairiest

Androgenic hair refers to the body hair that develops after puberty. Via Reddit


How many are in the military?

Most interesting: the spots with no active military. Via Reddit


The Italian diaspora

Where have the world's Italians immigrated to?Via Reddit


Percentage of population having sex weekly

Wow, step up your game, Japan. Via Reddit


Male height by country

Where the tall men are. Via Reddit


The male-to-female ratio by country

Blue means there are more men than women, pink means there are more women than men, green is even, and grey is no data. Via Wikimedia


Where the Disney princesses are

Who knew Aurora was Italian? Via Reddit


Where the booze isn't

Dry counties in the U.S. Via Reddit

This post would not be remotely possible without the help of the incredibly interesting and entertaining MapPorn subReddit.