Once again Josh scrambles up a mountain with his brother Dustin to enjoy the view from Mt. Rainier at 10,000 ft.

Camp Muir, named for studly naturalist John Muir, sits on the Southeast flank of Mt. Rainier, some 4,500 ft from the summit. When the weather is clear the hike up the glacial fields to the popular climbers bivouac is relatively easy.

Rainier is the tallest in the Cascade mountain range and the lesser peaks seem to lap at the slopes of the dormant stratovolcano like little waves.

If you are day hiking to Camp Muir check the weather, pack warm clothes and make sure your camera has plenty of juice! The only thing better than a great hike on a perfectly clear day is shooting awesome video of that hike!

Take shots from different angles and perspectives to show the change in environment and to keep your audience interested. Most importantly, be safe and have fun!

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