Matador Ambassador Chris Burkard is touring the West and East coasts over the next two weeks promoting the new book Plight of the Torpedo People, shot in conjunction with the film Come Hell or High Water, by Keith Malloy and featuring stunning imagery by Chris and select other photographers. Check the schedule below and join Keith, Chris, and bodysurfing legend Mark Cunningham for a screening of the film, book signings, and free beer at any of the events.

Also, stay tuned for news of a special Matador event in New York City early next month that will feature Chris and other Matador Ambassadors.


A young Mexican bodysurfer from Zihuatanejo


Mark Cunningham

...fits so naturally in the ocean dawned in his speedo. Seeing him wearing a wetsuit while in Maine was a rare sighting indeed.


Dan Malloy

...had shaped a belly board out of some scrap wood on his family's ranch just before the trip. On his maiden wave, the board seemed to hold up pretty good.


The simplicity of bodysurfing

...can be seen here as Keith Malloy, wearing only trunks and fins, waits for the next set.


Sometimes the action not just above the surface. Filming from beneath the waves gave a whole new perspective to the art of wave riding.


Chris Kalima

...being propelled forward underneath the wave. Water can do some interesting things to the body, and the ripples in Chris's face sure show it.


Propelling forward

...from behind the wave, the guys begin taking off. It was quite a sight to see from this perspective.


Chris Kalima amidst the clouded aftermath of a crashing wave


Mark Cunningham

...takes a moment to look back as the other bodysurfers seem to blend into the ocean landscape.


Keith Malloy

...reaches out to an unridden Tahitian barrel as he enjoys the waves from a new perspective.


When bodysurfing

...there often is that moment between going over the falls and making a steep drop. Here Keith Malloy teeters on that exact line.


Tour dates - come out and see us!

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