Save your friends from badly-written and ill-informed “news.”

Reading a newspaper article based on a study that was run by a PR company, or which uses junk science to make a point bug me to the core. And what’s worse is that though yelling at your TV is socially acceptable, foaming at the finger as I point at an improperly constructed argument just brings no satisfaction.

Enter the hilarious Tom Scott, whose website offers free downloadable PDFs so you can print stickers calling the newspapers out on their sins. Some of my favorites:

To ensure future interviews with subject, important questions were not asked.
To meet a deadline, this article was plaigarised from another news source.
Journalist does not understand the subject they are talking about.

There are ten warnings in all, accompanied by little icons indicating the type of infraction, much like medication warning labels will caution you against taking two meds together.

You can download the labels for US or UK label sizes, and several other languages are supported, though Scott makes no claim about the quality of the translations provided. It almost makes me want to run out and pick up a local newspaper to slap some labels on it. Where would you stick yours?

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