MatadorU interviews leading travel authors and editors on social media and travel writing.

WE’VE WRITTEN A LOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA. It’s been central to Matador’s progression — everything from how we’ve grown our community to playing a direct role in organizing volunteer efforts for the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

In the context of travel storytelling, whether through travel film, photography, writing, or a combination thereof, social media continues being the vehicle through which one’s travel stories reach audiences. In addition to the insights given above, I wanted to take a second to highlight a couple different social media profiles of travel storytellers as examples of people killing it on G+, Instagram, FB, and Twitter:

Foster Huntington

Foster Huntington’s home base

Foster began a photo blog in 2008. He’s currently traveling around North America in a 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro camping and surfing. In August of 2011 he quit his job and has been on the road ever since. Where he’s really excelled is Instagram, having gained a quarter million followers over a short amount of time.

Matador Ambassador Chris Burkard explained that unlike many pro surfers or other high-profile athletes, Foster is all DIY and simply has a talent for “creating highly shareable media.”

His instagrams always evoke a kind of nostalgia; they convey perfectly the sense of a young man dedicated to his wanderjahre.

Colby Brown

Colby is a Matador Ambassador and Director of the Photography Program at MatadorU. He’s also one of the top 25 most followed people on Google+ with nearly two million followers. When I first interviewed Colby in 2011, he told me that he effectively exchanges all of what would be his theoretical “marketing budget” for simply spending his personal time answering dozens of photographers’ questions for hours each day on G+. The result has been a massive following, a return dozens of times over short-term gains that might’ve been made advertising his photography.

If you’re interested at all in improving your use of Facebook for spreading the reach of your travel storytelling, Colby’s written extensively on Social Media for Photographers: Facebook. While the info is directed towards photographers, it’s an educative read for anyone using FB.

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What advice have you gleaned over the years as travel writer, filmmaker, or photographer using social media? Please leave your comments below, and if you’d like to work with us one on one, including lessons on social media, please consider one of the programs at MatadorU.