Washington, DC

This photo was taken in December. We arrived in the city the previous night. It was my first day in the city and first time in the States, and everything around me was intriguing. I really like this photo, it was one of the first pictures I took that day. It was a cold winter's morning in the "District" and I was standing on a corner when I saw the opportunity to capture this scene of people crossing the street. My camera settings were 1/800 sec. f/5.6. ISO 100. focal length 55mm.

- This postcard comes to us from MatadorU student Lourika Reinders. Born and raised in Namibia and studied in South Africa, Lourika is the daughter of a successful safari guide and grew up bushwhacking the African wilderness. She made photography her career in January 2012, relocating to Phuket, Thailand to explore her fascination with the cultures of Southeast Asia. She blogs at Ordinary Girl: Extraordinary Life. Follow her on Facebook and Flickr.