Intrepid Traveler Christoph Rehage journeys across China, from Beijing to Ürümqi solely on foot. Along the way Christoph snaps photos and shoots video of all that he encounters on his massive walkabout.

I was clued into Christoph’s YouTube channel from a comment left on my recent post
5 Amazing Time Lapse Travel Videos
by Marissa ( Thanks M! )

Christoph has 117 videos on his YouTube channel, most of them quick random encounters on his long walk in China.

It is rare that a video is over a minute, most are but 15-20 seconds, non sequiturs ranging from squirming caterpillars to rain forest water falls. Each snippet is an unadorned moment, captured and presented with a sort of humble grace.

Follow Marissa’s example and hit me up with links to your favorite travel videos in the comments! Follow Christoph’s lead and present your travel footage to the world through Matador’s YouTube group.

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