One photographer had 79% of all frostbite. Selfish bastard.

EVER WONDERED IF you would have what it takes to be a NatGeo photographer? The National Geographic Society surveyed 45 of their photographers to compile this bizarre table of some of the disease, violence and horror that has been inflicted on their bodies.

There are the usual-suspect hazards that an international foreign correspondent might face, such as crashes, assault, and malaria. But also some that truly confound. Two assaults by a Florida panther (2 photographers, 2 assignments, same panther) What the hell?

And how about ‘seatbelt releasing when helicopter is tipped over a volcano’? Twice?

Take a read through, and you might just decide to become a stay-at-home knitting photographer. There are war correspondents (and actual soldiers) who go through less hell in the course of their careers.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what a Loa Loa worm is, it is a very, very horrible creature to have boring into your eye.

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