I was recently introduced to the work of Vadim Mahora after seeing some photos he took of people base jumping in Switzerland. A fan of high places, power structures, dams, and generators, Mahora seems to live life on the edge…literally — take a look at these shots he took from the tallest building in Berlin.

He was also one of the Russian tourists who illegally climbed to the top of the Great Pyramid back in March, resulting in some kick-ass shots of Giza that went viral almost overnight.

What I thought was hysterical, however, is that Mahora’s photography website is his LiveJournal. Like, the social media blogging platform I used to broadcast my teenage angst and unrequited high school love to the entire world. Granted, he’s on Twitter, and a few other Russian-hosted photography pages, but you’d think someone badass enough to climb a piece of architecture dating to before 3200 BC would be all over the web, getting commissions and scaling other crazy places in search of photos that make us go “WOW!”

Can someone please get this talented photographer a proper .com website?

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