What’s the easiest technique you can use while filming for a stronger travel video?

FRAME THE MOST dynamic areas of action and often the story tells itself.

For instance, when filming a busy market, an inexperienced person might swing his camera from stall to stall like a pendulum. But what if you set up your camera to capture the two old men drinking tea, or the exchange between the tourist and the tired looking vendor?

The key is to think like a director. Capture as many angles as possible so your have lots of choices. But a steady, single take of the scene is the most crucial. Try to;

  • Find the most interesting action and angle available.
  • If your subjects are moving, choose a position that will allow them elbow room.
  • Frame the shot to capture the fullest movement.
  • Always allow the subjects to leave the frame if possible.
  • Once you begin recording, hold your shots for 10-15 seconds, because you never know what will unfold in front of your lens.

Here is a video I shot of mountain bikers in Seattle. Notice how it frames the action, anticipates the riders’ movement and showcases static and dynamic shots.

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