80 Current TV staffers let go in major cut backs that are being called a “Blood Bath.”

Current, which produces high quality independent journalism such as the Vanguard series, laid off 80 people today. Many of the cut backs hit the LA branch as Current pursues a new strategy of outsourcing more content. This means many creative professionals will need a new vehicle for their videos.

Enter MatadorTV

Ex Current staffers take heart, MatadorTV seeks your talent! Every lay off has a silver lining, now you have the time and energy to produce original content for MatadorTV. MatadorTV is a burgeoning community for travel lifestyle media. Our new site seeks to filter, present and produce the most compelling travel videos, the perfect place for to find solace among the tribulations of joblessness.

And even if you didn’t get the pink slip today, we still want your original content. So visit the site and contact us if you have an idea for a video or links to your completed work that you think would feel at home on MTV.