Paceville, Malta. Photo by Heini Samuelsen

Visit the oldest buildings in the world, eat and drink in Transylvanian towns or hike through Latvia’s national parks. Not your thing?

Then party in Paceville or Riga before chilling out on a Bohemian river bank with hot mead. No? Then get lost in Europe’s strangest city after passing by a Frank Zappa statue. You can’t tell me that doesn’t appeal!

But does it all sound too expensive, especially with the way the US dollar is going? Fear not, Malta, Romania, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Latvia will still treat you right. Listen to this podcast and we’ll prove it to you.


Exchange Rates:

1 US$ = 29 cents. Switch to euro 2008, 1US$ = 68 cents

Czech Republic
I US$ = about 18 koruny (crowns)

1 US$ = 2.35 litas

1 US$ = 0.48 lats

1 US$ = 2.37 RON (Romanian new lei)