Being a creative opportunist means being light on your feet.
Colemen Wilson Photography

WITH A POCKET full of notes and a fully charged battery I stepped out to shoot a segment for the upcoming MatadorTV vlog.

Three blocks from the rally I heard the garbled, triumphant chants banging from building to building and the beating of drums.

My morning video plans did not involve a massive immigration reformation rally that has drawn thousands downtown to demand equality and justice for Washington’s sizable immigrant population.

But as I rounded the corner to see the crowd cheering I knew that my plans had to change.

Being a creative opportunist means being light on your feet and ready to react to the unfolding situation at the drop of a hat. Abandoning my intention of interviewing travelers at Pike Place Market I wade into the crowd to begin covering the rally.

Being prepared can only go so far. A willingness to respond critically and creatively to circumstances sets the casual travel vlogger apart from the creative opportunist.

Here is my challenge to you

Grab your camera / laptop / notebook and step out into the world with the intention to discover what it is you are suppose to interact with and be inspired by.

Look and listen, ready for anything.