IN THE CONTINUED progression of what Chuck Klosterman used to call “accelerated culture” (and what seems more today like “brand warfare”) Twitpic founder Noah Everett live tweeted himself being arrested. Early Tuesday morning, Everett tweeted that he was “in the back of a cop car now” and then twitpic’d the image. Mashable has a couple of updates: apparently the arrest had something to do with public nudity.

**UPDATE (6:14 pm): Noah just posted that he was only detained, then given a ride home by the police after going for a late walk with his shirt off. **

I’m not sure why this story and similar stories of people live-tweeting events (such as the guy who inadvertently tweeted about the Osama Bin-Laden strike) seem significant. Perhaps it’s just the parallel with being a writer, or an artist, the implications of being able to live your life and narrate it simultaneously, in real time.

And then all it takes is enough followers (Everett has 2.8 million), or a big enough event, and the narration itself becomes “news.”

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