How can you arrange your life around writing? What factors help you write more, and write better?

Helpful: board, terrain, crew. Img: Laura Bernhein

SINCE BLOGGING ABOUT NaNoWriMo I’ve been thinking about what increases or decreases my ‘productivity’ as a writer.

First up, I believe that writing is a discipline, a craft, and that the most important thing is just dedicating time to it no matter where you are or what the environment is. That’s why I like the idea of NaNoWriMo.

But looking back over my journals from this past summer I realize there are just these flow-enhancing factors. Here are some of mine:

*Being on some kind of road trip where there’s a surf or paddle or snowboard mission involved.

*Working with my hands–carpentry, splitting wood, cleaning dishes–and always cooking something.

*Camping anywhere where this situation exists: at night you look around and see your family and friends around the fire.

What’s your most productive writing environment? Please let us know in the comments section.

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