No Fixed Address Podcast: The World’s Most Extraordinary People

No Fixed Address takes you around the globe, from bustling megacities to the secluded corners of remote villages, in search of the planet’s most extraordinary people.

Each episode is an adventure, taking you to a jungle in the middle of Indonesia to a tent in the Middle East where host Michael Motamedi arrives, microphone in hand, ready to delve into the lives of remarkable individuals.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or an armchair explorer, these conversations will transport you to far-away places where we celebrate our fellow humans and the common ground that unites us all.

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Michael Motamedi

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Michael settled for a time in Europe, before co-founding the Baffi Collection and Parcae in Toronto. His culinary skills, highlighted on MasterChef Canada, inspired his next creation, The Ultimate Cutting Board. In 2016, he joined Rabbit Hole Spirits in Kentucky as CMO and shareholder, then shifted to real estate becoming a developer at Genevive Hotel and other projects. Now traveling with his family, Michael’s life journey, documented on TikTok and Instagram, has attracted over 50M+ views.

Vanessa Salas

Born in Colombia, Vanessa lived in 25 places by age 25, reflecting her early love for travel, which led her across Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Her passion for storytelling led her to produce science, tech and nature documentaries at Discovery Channel Canada. Her career journey continued at CBSi’s CNET as a Content Producer and then at Rabbit Hole Spirits as an Executive Producer. Today, Vanessa continues her nomadic journey working remotely in interior design, producing travel content, and expanding her art portfolio.

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