10 Crafts Beers You Have to Try in Seattle

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by Marissa Pedersen Nov 5, 2015

1. Big E‘s Blackberry Ale

This beer is a perfect fit to the abundance of blackberries that can be found in Seattle. The medium-dark ale has just a hint of the berry, making it not too sweet and perfect to drink while you watch the Seahawks game.

2. Redhook‘s Longhammer IPA

May the best team win.

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Longhammer is by far one of the best selling-IPAs in Washington State. At 44 IBUs, this bitter beer has a smooth, light finish that’s perfect at your next BBQ.

3. Elysian‘s Avator Jasmine IPA

Elysian is known for their variety of different beers, but this one is a special pick. Dried jasmine flowers are added to this IPA during the brewing process, creating a unique flavor to even out the hoppiness of the beer.

4. Georgetown Brewing’s Manny’s Pale Ale

Fresh hop Manny’s is on! Just in time for the weekend!

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One of Seattle’s most popular beers, Manny’s makes up over 85% of Georgetown’s business. A popular college beer, this malty beer is a perfect choice for rooting on the UW Huskies.

5. Pike Brewing‘s Kilt Lifter Ruby Ale

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Have a few of these and it may be enough to lift your kilt. This red ale will give you a buzz before walking over to the Showbox to see a concert.

6. Mac and Jack‘s African Amber

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The infamous lion adorns the pint glass of this beer, and you’ll feel royal drinking this. The cloudy looking amber beer has strong hoppy flavors to get you ready for a night out on the Ave.

7. Schooner Exact‘s King Street Brown

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Hazelnut and milk chocolate are the star players in this dark beer. Sip this slowly while you sit by the fire and watch the rain out the window.

8. Black Raven‘s Beaktweaker Citrus IPA

The citrusy flavor is quite faint, as it rates 77 IBUs on the bitterness scale. Order a warm pretzel to even out the hoppiness.

9. Boundary Bay‘s Scotch Ale

Boundary has long been one of Washington’s staple breweries, and their beers can be found in bars throughout the state. At 6.4%, the full-bodied Scotch Ale does not disappoint.

10. Hellbent‘s Funky Red Patina

Just like the late 80s hip hop song, this ale is the secret to having a good night. Order a few and see what happens.

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