11 Staggering Chicago Skylines

by Alice Latham Jun 25, 2015

CHICAGO’S MAGNIFICENCE LIES IN ITS DEEP DISH PIZZA BUT ALSO IN ITS SKYLINE (move over New York). Located on Lake Michigan, Chi-Town’s skyline includes beauties such as the John Hancock Center, the Willis Tower and the Tribune Tower. Much of what we see in Chicago today is thanks to Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett’s 1909 Plan of Chicago, that envisaged a downtown of skyscrapers to replace the industrial city of the 20th century, linking together with public parks and the inner harbor. My hat’s off to you boys!

1. Storms at sunset, from the John Hancock Center

2. Midnight in Chicago

3. Chicago River

4. Lake Michigan, circa minus 15C

5. Lake Michigan reflection

6. Cloud Gate, Millennium Park

7. Sunlight on Lake Michigan

8. Stormy City, from the John Hancock Center

9. Trump Tower

10. Downtown Chicago

11. Chicago fog

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