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11 Things You Will Miss When You Leave Chicago

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by Jeromy Slaby Nov 4, 2015

1. Taking awkward photos of people taking photos of themselves by The Bean in Millennium Park.

It’s kind of like watching someone take a selfie. Except you’re seeing a whole group take a selfie together.

2. Pretending to be a supermodel walking through the damn wind on the Magnificent Mile.

Scarf whipping in the wind. Hair flowing behind you… or in most peoples’ cases, in your face. The wind never seems to stop. You try to impress the other shoppers with your expert wind-walking skills. It never works.

3. Dancing in Jewel’s because you just found giardiniera.

You’ll always reach for this when you’re eating sausage, or pizza, or nachos, or some kind of sandwich, or even by itself. You can’t go wrong.

4. Flicking off Trump Tower because you think Bernie Sanders would make a much better POTUS.

Let’s be honest, who actually wants to see Trump represent the United States as our chief citizen, diplomat, and commander? No Chicagoan I know.

5. The ability to find stillness in the bustling Second-City.

Only a few blocks away from Trump Tower, you can easily find a quiet neighborhood or two nestled in the center of Chicago. Not many cities can offer that, certainly not Manhattan.

6. Jamming your way back to the Metra listening to Muddy Waters.

Willie Dixon. Eddy Clearwater. Benny Goodman. Chicago is home to some of the greatest blues and jazz artists the world has seen. After a hard day of work, is there a better way to spend your ride home chilling out to some of that jazz? Represent.

7. Waltzing down Wabash watching street performers sing, dance, and be merry.

Because who doesn’t like metal garbage cans played as drums alongside a cello on a cold November day?

8. Strutting your stuff and checking out the competition in Boystown.

You know that the party is always going on in Boystown. The gay bars, the theaters, and the comedy clubs are only the beginning of an exciting night out. If anything else though, the Market Days Street Festival that takes place in August, is always packed with solid music, cool people, and great outfits.

9. Markets that showcase the raw talent and imagination of so many people.

From the big-name Chicago Expo to small neighborhood art festivals found around every corner, what’s not to love about a city who loves art and music so much?

10. Travelling to the Vernon Hills for the fluffiest cinnamon rolls at Eloise Chicago.

Sunday is always a sad day because it’s the one day out of the week that you can’t get a cinnamon roll from Eloise.

11. The original Lou Malnati’s in Lincolnwood.

A classic. Lou Malnati’s has stayed true to the original deep dish pizza recipe since its opening in 1971. Who wants thin crust in Chicago? Or even outside of Chicago?

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