Aron Ralston, the mountain climber and adventurer, was canyoneering in Moab, Utah when he became trapped under a boulder. He was stuck for, you guessed it, 127 hours and *spoiler alert* to survive and escape, he sawed off his own arm.

His story is now a film that will be coming out in the US on November 5. It is directed by Danny Boyle, who most recently directed Slumdog Millionaire, and Ralston is played by James Franco. According to an interview this morning on The Today Show, the film has some Oscar buzz, and the pivotal scene with the arm was done in one long take. I know that this is obviously a key scene, but as someone who doesn’t do well with blood, etc., I’m wondering if I’ll be able to sit through it all.

Check out the trailer below. It seems to have some pretty great views of Moab before, well, before everything goes bad.

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