1. Making a booty call after a feast like this is off the table.

The cause of today’s food coma….but OOOOHHHH so worth it #cheatday #foodporn #nomnomnom #txbbq #dallasbbq #dallas #dallaseats #stretchypantsneeded #brunchwiththeBFFS #myfriendsarebetterthanyours #palabra

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2. Because only the KFC bucket is the ultimate family feast. Right?

#txbbq #opies

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3. What’s with all the sides? Mac’n’Cheese, potato salad, beans, slaw…

Not vegan but oh hot damn #bbq #austin #foodtrucks #labarbeque

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4. It’s said if you eat enough you turn into half-man, half-beast.

5. They don’t mess around down in the Lone Star State. “No Kidding” OK?

No sauce, no forks, no kidding. #LockhartTX #KreuzMarket

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6. Food coma naps? No thanks.

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7. Forget about fine dining, no need for mother’s best china.

8. Knowing where your meat comes from and the concept of farm-to-plate is simply unnecessary.

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9. The idea that BBQ can go beyond half a cow just does not register.

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10. The stand-alone, $100, back-garden, do-it-yourself, crappy BBQ is quite sufficient.

One of the highlights of this rainy weekend. #saltlick #driftwood #txbbq

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11. It’s all about location, location, location.

12. It’s really tough to find a high-quality butcher in Texas.

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13. Sharing an outdoor BBQ feast with friends and family is just the pits.

14. Having Texas BBQ in your everyday diet must be detrimental to your health…right?

The week is almost most over, don’t ignore your hunger pains.. #raysbbqshack #txBBQ #houbbq #Raysdoesitbetter #BBQLovers

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