For starters, this is typical of what you’ll find when you enter Moscow’s underground train system:

In Russia, the metro stations are meant to double as a shelter in the case of a nuclear war, which is why they’re some of the deepest systems in the world. I once counted 85 complete seconds while riding the escalator all the way down.

The Subway People.  Moscow.

Besides their beautiful architecture, the stations in Moscow are usually decorated with either stained glass…

Dubrovka metro station

Or mosaics…

The Subway People.  Moscow.

Or paintings…

And instead of fluorescent lighting, they’re filled with chandeliers.

Statues fill the halls…

These are partisans — a form of militia — who bravely fought the Nazis during WWII.

And some statues are believed to bring good luck if you rub the right spot.

Lucky nose
…which is why this dog’s nose is a little cleaner than the rest of him.

There are no blank walls in a Moscow station, marble covers everything.

Belyaevo wall decor

Russia’s rich history is represented everywhere. Lenin is often seen as the ‘main character’ of many stations.

Oh, and the Moscow Metro can take you anywhere.