Washington D.C., the nation’s capital, is the place to go for monuments and museums…if you’re an adult that is. This is no place to take your kids. Can you imagine how bored they’re going to get? Seriously it will be a disaster and here’s why:

1.They’ll want to take selfies wherever you go. There goes all your memory space.

Selfie with a #historical hero #LincolnMemorial

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2. Sure DC has the Smithsonian but kids hate museums, right?

3. They’ll get freaked out by the giant elephant in the National History Museum.

4. They’ll never stop talking about becoming President.

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5. You’re going to have to answer all their questions at the American History Museum. And you’re very aware that history isn’t your strong point.

Trying on some war helmets #AmericanHistoryMuseum

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6. Once they’ve eaten at Ben’s Chili Bowl they’ll always be disappointed by your cooking.

7. They’ll have no interest whatsoever in visiting the monuments.

8. You know who’ll be doing all the legwork when you go paddle boating in Tidal Basin.

A captain and his first mate. #paddleboat #tidalbasin #itwasharderthanitlooked

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9. All those snow cones at Nationals Park will give them a sugar high.

10. They’ll think the street art is lame.

11. You’ll get tired before they do when you go biking.

12. They’ll refuse to eat the mouth-watering doughnuts you offer them.

13. They’ll think your house is super average once they see the White House.

14. You’ll run out of places to take them.

15. There are no playgrounds to take them to either.

16. They’ll have a miserable time. Don’t even bother.