1. Exploring the huge lakes of Patagonia? No, thanks, that’s something only old people do…

2. What’s the point of going to Puerto Madryn to see how hundreds of whales come to mate, dance in the water, and teach their young to swim? The intense wind of Patagonia is going to ruin your hairstyle! Better stay confortable at home.

3. No way it is interesting to see some pieces of ice fall down to the water… what a waste of time!

4. The Atlantic coast of Patagonia seems so boring to you… hundreds and hundreds of kilometers of sea and sky just for you… No, thanks, you prefer crowds at the shopping center.

5. And if it just rains when you are there?

6. You can’t understand what kind of nutcase would like to ride on a horse in Patagonia, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded only by mountains, forests and rivers of pure water… No, you just prefer to stick by Buenos Aires in rush hour while hearing the taxi driver complain about traffic!

7. Driving all the way in the Route 40 is insane! There are no gas stations, no phone networks, and the most suspicious of all is that there is not even WiFi signal. What kind of lunatic would risk not being able to post photos of their journey on Facebook?

8. And so much fuss for the Mt. Fitz Roy? Is it that you’ve never seen a mountain in your life?

9. Watching so many stars together terrifies you, maybe you think that they are going to fall on your head…

10. Bariloche at sunset? You can’t see what’s so special about a city built on the coast of Lake Nahuel Huapi, surrounded by forests and mountains.

11. Flying over Viedma glaciers seem a highly dangerous activity. You better stay home and read about it in some travel guide!

12. Boarding/skiing at any of the awesome ski areas in Patagonia seems very dangerous, and isn’t snow quality supposed to be poor?

13. Patagonian wines are just not that interesting.

14. Patagonian lamb for your lunch? No, thank you, you prefer something more sophisticated.

15. And while we’re at it, the chocolate just ain’t that good!

16. Cherries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and all kinds of fine fruit directly from the plants and trees into your mouth? Seems unclean.

17. Buying Mapuche crafts made by hand, according to antique traditions? Mmm… no, that’s some hippie thing.

18. Ouch, so many colors are going to hurt the eyes!

19. Yes, you are right: the beauty of Patagonia is totally overrated.

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