LOCATED IN THE SOUTHEAST OF BRAZIL, São Paulo is South America’s largest metropolitan area, home to 20 million people. Though flawed and made almost entirely of concrete, the city holds a certain type of unique charm. My São Paulo is a city for the busy and for the working. It’s big. It’s chaotic. But it’s still photogenic.

1. The staircases in Edificio Copan

She’s Dancing, I’m Dreaming.

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2. Parque Villa Lobos

P A Z 🚲🌱 #parquevillalobos

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3. Banespão, one of the most iconic buildings in São Paulo and located in Centro de São Paulo

Foto by @topmagazine 🚩#saopaulocity #banespa

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Edifício Altino Arantes (Banespão) by @anaschad 🚩#saopaulocity #banespa

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4. Ponte Estaiada in the south side, seen from above

5. The reflection of Antena da Paulista, seen through the mirror of another skyscraper

bye bye São Paulo, it was a short stay but… see you later. #vscocam #fotostrasse #SaoPaulo

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6. Av. Paulista’s effect on its landscape

7. An everyday subject frozen in time

Skatepomba 🐦

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8. The beauty of São Paulo is in how far it extends.

• T i N y H o R i Z o N • #SP

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9. The simplicity of an original Oscar Niemeyer design

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10. A São Paulo bike lane following following a riverbank

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11. The quiet nature of Parque Ibirapuera


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12. Feira de Liberdade on a busy day

Hello São Paulo, we are inside you. #vscocam #fotostrasse #SaoPaulo

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13. Av Paulista at night

By @yan.dantas

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14. Museo do Ipiranga, near where Emperor Pedro I proclaimed Brazilian independence on the banks of the Ipiranga brook

15. Ponte Estaida Morumbi at sunset

🌉 Sunset SP 😎

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16. The Goth Revival-style of Praça da Sé, right in the center of the city

Catedral da Sé by @andando_e_registrando 🚩#saopaulocity #se #catedraldase

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17. The backside of MASP, São Paulo’s most important museum

O fundo do MASP (que aponta para o mirante 9 de julho). .. Um dos espaços mais geniais de São Paulo.

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18. Galeria do Rock

mais uma foto vertigem.. do @rogeriosoeiro #galeriadorock

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19. The clean lines of the city’s subway system

20. São Paulo as the terra da garoa (land of the drizzle)