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20 Signs You Were Born and Raised in São Paulo

by Marcela Faé Nov 8, 2015

1. You grew up in an apartment building playing with the kids who lived below or above you.

Because there are only a few parts of São Paulo that aren’t completely filled with skyscrapers, your neighbors were never on the left or the right.

2. You’re so spoiled, you can’t understand when something’s not available to you.

You can always find a party on a Tuesday night, your gym’s always open at 4 a.m., and you got French take out at 3 a.m. last Wednesday.

3. One thing is always certain in your life: There is going to be a traffic jam on Av. Rebouças.

Scientists can’t even figure this phenomenon out.

4. You both hate and love Christmas time on Paulista Av.

Yeah it’s crowded, but there’s all those lights.

5. You will never take a car to downtown São Paulo.

You just would never want to put yourself through the chaos and despair.

6. You know that the best sashimi is at Restaurante Sushi Isao at Liberdade.

And of course you know where they don’t have a limit for the shimeji and where you can eat as much temakis as you want.

7. You’ve been to Noites do Terror do Playcenter.

And you’re still wondering how the hell you survived all those years.

8. You’re thankful for Poupa Tempo but you’d rather die a thousand times than go there on a hot summer day.

Yes it’s fast, but oh my god, how crowded?!

9. If your friend lives 10km away, they’re actually very close.

10. And if something is just two hours away, you’re all: “Hop in, let’s go.”

11. You love your pizza and you would never put ketchup on it.

Damn you, cariocas.

12. You feel sorry for all the people from Rio or Belo Horizonte or Recife — because São Paulo is like your family, only you can criticize it.

13. Terra da garoa?

Thanks to our lovely governor, we went from land of light rain to land of where’s the rain.

14. Even though São Paulo is huge, you know where to find your peace.

There’s a sacred place for every Paulistano, maybe yours is Ibirapuera, or Sundays at Minhocão, or the beautiful Templo Zulai.

15. You do your shopping inside a shopping mall.

You don’t go to multiple streets to do one round of shopping, you go to multiple malls.

16. You’ve accepted that it costs more to park than it does to take a taxi.

17. Wednesday nights are your movie nights. And you obviously know the reason why.

18. You would never eat pastel outside of Brazil.

19. You won’t leave your apartment without packing a heavy jacket and a bikini.

20. You love how your friends from out of town adore Galeria do Rock.

Yes it was better back in the day, but until now there’s no better place to find rock albums at those prices. 

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