1. What’s a Runza?

2. I call them “Target-North” and “Target-South,” not “Targét” and “Targhetto.”

3. Who would want a hotdog that’s been shot out of a cannon?

4. Why would you drive all the way to the Niobrara River when the Platte is so much closer?

5. We’re so close to the ocean, did we really need to build Star City Shores?

6. I didn’t know there was a Husker game on today! I don’t really keep up with college football.

7. No! I’ve never visited the Capitol Building — sounds fun!

8. I definitely prefer Pizza Hut to Valentino’s.

9. No one ever talked to me about attending the University of Nebraska after high school.

10. Frank Solich was a way better coach than Tom Osborne.

11. I actually think that Iowa has the best corn in the Midwest.

12. I’ve never done a post-midnight Amigo’s taco run.

13. Holmes Lake sounds like a lovely place to go swimming!

14. Why would I need to go to Omaha to shop, when we have Gateway Mall right here?

15. I, for one, am glad they got rid of Starship 9 downtown. Who wants to pay $2 to see a movie in the theatre?

16. Oh! Was Arbor Day founded in Nebraska? I had no idea!

17. If I could move anywhere, it would be Oklahoma. They’re so friendly there; almost like family.

18. I’m such a beach bum in summer!

19. I’ve never complained about the efficiency of the city’s snowplows.

20. I’m so concerned about frostbite in winter, I stay inside when the windchill drops below -20.

21. How much better is the State Fair since it moved to Grand Island?

22. I just don’t see the appeal of an early summer thunderstorm.

23. I’ve never shoveled the driveway only to have to shovel it again when I was done.

24. I prefer the old Gretna outlet mall to the new one.

25. I can’t finish the jingle “Save big money at…”

26. I don’t own any article of red clothing.

27. There’s a big hill to sled down at Pioneers Park?

28. Scraping ice off my car has never made me late for work or school.

29. There’s so much to see in Nebraska if you keep driving west of Lincoln!

30. The sunsets here aren’t very special.

31. Who would purposely make their car slide across the ice?

32. We could use more road construction.

33. Having summer camp in July is a great idea. The weather is just right!

34. I wish the speed limit were lower on Interstate 80.

35. You can’t even notice the potholes in spring!

36. I can’t believe how over-inflated the prices are to buy a house here.

37. For its size, it feels so much like a big city.

38. There’s too much pressure to live life at a hectic pace.

39. I’ve never turned the wrong way down a one-way street downtown. They’re so well signed!

40. The humidity does wonders for my hair!

41. I guess one year I’ll get around to walking through the Haymarket at Christmastime.

42. The quality and abundance of fresh seafood here is astounding!

43. I would never even think of looking out a window when the tornado sirens are going off.

44. I think the mounds of dirty snow left in parking lots are beautiful displays of art.