Matador Network, Travel Manitoba, Frontiers North Adventures, and the Canadian Tourism Commission teamed up to give our readers a chance to see polar bears deep in the tundra of Manitoba.

WE ASKED, “Who wants to meet a polar bear face to face?” and received over 1,000 replies from polar bear enthusiasts around the world. As suspected, we aren’t the only ones passionate about the bears of the North.

Every day for 2 weeks we selected our favorite tweets; here are some of our favorites:

  • @justinbenko – I will wrestle #polarbears of the Canadian arctic in a thong! Enter to win or RT me now!
  • @MildlyRelevant – I MUST #ExploreCanada as I was president of the #polarbears in a past life. Under my leadership, we won the Cold Roar.
  • @DrummPhotos – The largest #polarbears are 12 feet tall and weigh 2,200 lbs. Or 2,365 lbs after eating a photographer.

  • @GirlUnmapped – This is the closest I’ve come to seeing two #polarbears fight. Clearly, I need to #ExploreCanada!

  • @littlegraybird – @MatadorNetwork What do #polarbears call tundra buggies? Meals on Wheels! I’m willing to take a chance.
  • @ExplodingSoul – Curious stares of #polarbears; Ice-y paws, crunching jaws; Frigid cold, this girl is bold: Ready to go #ExploreCanada
  • @TourAbsurd – Ice-o want to be Church-chillin’ with the #polarbears!
  • @jsevelow – One more joke! Q: What do #polarbears eat in the cold? A: A “brr”-“grr”! Whelp! Please let me #explorecanada with you!

  • @Marzipan777 – @MatadorNetwork, send me to #explorecanada so I can share my #polarbears rap w my furry friends.
And the winner is…

Of course, in the end we could only choose one Grand Prize winner. So congratulations William Drumm / @Drummphotos! Each day of the competition, William tweeted polar bear jokes, factoids, and ill-considered promises (such as pledging to post 1,000 tweets about #polarbears). Thank you for helping make this competition a lively one!

We are stoked that William and a guest will be traveling to Churchill, Manitoba, for the 2013 polar bear season, courtesy of Frontiers North, the Canadian Tourism Commission, and Travel Manitoba.

2nd Place: Congratulations Jade Sevelow / @jsevelow, our 2nd-place winner. Jade wins a MatadorU course of her choice.

Thank you to everyone who entered and shared their love for polar bears on Twitter.