After a marathon of app-reading here in a teensy apartment in Oaxaca, Mexico, chowing on tamales and Japanese peanuts and agonizing over writing samples and statements of purpose, I’ve selected the ten Spring 2012 Glimpse Correspondents.

Many applicants were obviously passionate about writing and travel and eager to participate in the editorial process. What set these ten apart, however, was the clarity of their vision and purpose in being abroad, and the nature of their writing and photography. Their work transcended the “I” that plagues so much travel writing: I did this, went here, saw that, learned this. It attempted to get at larger themes and ideas, to move beyond a mere celebration of the writer’s crazy/interesting/surprising/eye-opening experience.

I’m thrilled to be working with them, and welcome them to the Glimpse Correspondents Program!

  1. Cara Waterfall: Cote d’Ivoire
  2. Ellen Freeman: Egypt
  3. Avery Carpenter: South Africa
  4. Tyler McCloskey: The Philippines
  5. Sophia Guida: Peru
  6. Sarah Baughman: Germany
  7. Stephanie Sun: Grenada
  8. Abigail Higgins: Kenya
  9. Kirstin Schrier: Kyrgyzstan
  10. Randianne Leyshon: Russia
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