A huge up to Matt Raimondo, winner of the #travelstoke Queensland contest.

IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN the #travelstoke Queensland tumblr yet, just take a second to scroll through and see how stoked it makes you to travel!

Thank you for all of your submissions; the contest was a huge success with over a thousand entries via tumblr, instagram, and twitter. Selection was difficult, but in the end we were won over with the visual storytelling and style of Matt Raimondo, a filmmaker, designer, and traveler based in Brisbane.

Among his entries was a video called “Single Fin,” a simple but beautifully shot and edited piece showing a group of friends and their local surf competition — the ironically titled “Grom Invitational.”

Through this short music video, Matt is able to evoke not only a sense of place and culture, but the nuances of relationship and stoke in this tight group of people.

Matt’s other videos included high-action edits of rafting on the Nile and a short adventure film, On Kili.

As the winner of the competition, Matt will go on a week-long journalistic mission in Queensland, Australia, creating his own itinerary for adventures and exploration. Congratulations.