As if the fiasco of Huffington Post not paying its writers couldn’t get any worse, now dozens of AOL freelancers have been kicked to the street after their merger with HuffPo.

Well, it’s official: The Huffington Post Transition team has just eliminated all AOL freelancers and contractors (at least those in business and finance–everything under Peter Goodman).

But we have been invited to continue contributing for free.

We will be replaced either by a handful of people Goodman has in mind, or with young, new (read cheap) writers who have yet to be hired.

You can read more here.

Editor’s Update

AOL has published an article saying it’s not firing all its freelancers. Some have been hired as full-time in-house writers while others have been let go within its Business and Finance section.

AOL’s business-and-finance editor Peter Goodman sent us the note below in response.

Peter says that AOL’s business-and-finance freelancers have not all been canned: Some of them are being hired into full-time jobs.

Read the rest here.

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