No American political campaign in my lifetime has stirred up as much passion as Barack Obama’s race for the White House.

From Hollywood celebrities to anonymous bloggers or callers on phone-in talk shows, it seems that everyone is looking to share their views, change some minds, make a statement.

America’s artists are no exception.

Whether using digital photo editing techniques or a plain old can of spray paint, they’ve been making their voices heard – or rather, their images seen.

Here are a few stand-out selections from across the country:

Yes We Can: Bushwick, Brooklyn

Photo by EricaJoy

We are the people we’ve been waiting for.

Photo by springhill2008

08’AMA in Charlottesville, Virginia

Photo by cornexo

Suburban yard art: Whoever said Obama can’t connect with Middle America?

Photo by bradthedesigner

Obama has a posse in Los Angeles, CA.

Photo by Lord Jim

Simple yet powerful.

Photo by

Spotted in Los Angeles: Abraham Obama

Photo by Lord Jim

Barack Obama is speaking to America. Get it?

Photo by whorange

Even the arts’n’crafty types on Etsy are feeling the change.

Photo by whorange

Hope in Houston.

Photo by jetheriot

Obama fans take to the streets in Mission Dolores, San Francisco.

Photo by benchun

Top photo by [nati]