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Heading to the Bay Area this summer, and keen to learn more about travel writing and photography?

The excellent Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference will be taking place from August 14th to 17th in Corte Madera, just across the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County.

The conference offers four days of workshops, lectures, and schmoozing with big-name writers, editors, photographers, agents, and publishers.

I had a fantastic time there last year, and consider it a crucial investment in my development as a travel writer.

For more on my experience, check out 9 Things I Learned About Travel Writing At Book Passage. And if anyone’s unsure about whether a conference is for them, here’s my recent Vagablogging post about the pros and cons of writing classes. See also the Traveler’s Notebook’s 10 Steps To Becoming A Successful Travel Writer.

Community Connection: Matador co-founder and designated San Francisco expert Ross Borden calls Marin County home. If you’re headed to the area, be sure to hit him up for burrito recommendations and more!

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