Our friends over at Wend Magazine are putting on a fun new writing competition: the Traveling by Alternative Transportation Essay Contest.

Got a story about an unusual mode of transport?

Almost anything goes — Wend notes that they’ll accept stories about “anything that doesn’t require fossil fuels to run” — so think back over your travels, dig up your best stories, and get writing!

Maximum length is 1000 words. The prize is a customized TimBuk2 bag, along with some other cool goodies. Essays are due to contest[at]wendmag[dot]com by January 23.

C’mon, Matador community! I know we’ve got a lot of great stories between us: send ’em in and let’s take home the prize!

And hey, without giving too much away, why not drop us a comment about your wackiest form of transport ever?

Mine’s a toss-up between a camel safari in India, and my two summers as a part-time rickshaw runner here in Ottawa.

Photo by travlinman43 (Creative Commons)

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