That’s Spanish for “tattoo.”

Reports from Cuba in recent months have indicated that numerous changes in policies are improving the quality of life for the average citizen. Cubans can now enter hotels, buy cell phones and other entertainment goods, all of which were restricted before Raul Castro assumed power.

But some changes are both more subtle and, perhaps, more profound.

Today, Cuban tattoo artists gathered in Havana to exhibit their work, which until recently has had little public interest or support. They will also exchange design ideas and offer tat ideas to a growing public interested in getting inked.

Like most Cubans who practice an art or craft, tattoo artists rely upon friends and family outside the country to find a way to pipeline the materials necessary for their work into the island.

The news about the tattoo exhibit may be as interesting for travelers as it is for locals: the same tattoo that cost you $50 USD at home is likely to cost as little as $10 USD in Cuba. Besides… you can tell your friends that you got your tattoo of Che in the land of the revolution!

Feature photo: zorilla (creative commons)
Photo: keiforce (creative commons)

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